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Sustainable Solutions

Our world is in desperate need of environmentally responsible, long-lasting innovative solutions. We are committed to developing innovative solutions for the $17B remediation market to decrease cost, increase efficacy and restore water and land in a sustainable manner. 

We focus on creating equitable, inclusive technologies that provide long-term solutions for our clients, the communities impacted by their action, and the environment.

Be Responsible and aware


Why it's important

Water is an essential ingredient in food, manufacturing processes, and energy.  Water is constantly being recycled and reused. Untreated contamination at any point in the cycle impacts the planet but it also impacts our bodies. 80% of our drinking water comes from groundwater and surface water. 


AxNano is a research and development company. We test, develop, and deploy innovative solutions to remediate environmental pollution. Our emphasis on research allows us to continually innovate on current technologies and bring proven strategies to market. 

" My invention was licensed by Axnano//Triad Growth Partners in 2017. Since the very beginning of our work together I have felt that their team has valued my invention, my ideas, and wanted to help grow my initial research into a viable product for the market. As a scientist, I would have not expanded my work beyond the laboratory bench. Our work together has afforded me with the opportunity to understand translating research into real world field applications and creating products for clients. I have appreciated working with them and value the relationships we have formed over the years of working together in product development. "

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Restore Our planet


what it is

Environmental remediation is the removal of pollution or contaminants from water (both ground and surface water) and soil. The waste removed are for the health of the general public and to restore the environment. Environmental remediation is highly regulated and subject to legal requirements which are generally based on assessments of human health and environmental risks.


We need novel environmentally sustainable remediation solutions that can recover habitats faster and remediate land and water for agriculture, population, and development reuse. RemRx has a suite of products to treat a variety of organic contaminants.

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Venture Studio

What it is

A venture studio combines company building with venture funding. Is links business ideas to their talented counterparts to implement those ideas. Its goal is to found as many successful startups as possible from the ground up. Over the last 7 years, the venture studio market has seen a 625% growth.


Startup Creation

Focuses experience and resources on creating new startups from the ground up. 


Parallel Development

Builds several startups in rapid succession with multiple products at the same time. 



Pools human capital, scientific / technical tools, network and operating skills to launch several products in an efficient manner.

A venture studio has a built-in team who constantly ideate, test, and bring products to market. After an idea is validated, the venture studio provides financial and operational support. One primary benefit of the venture studio model is the depth of expertise on the team. 

We are unique in that we have a company dedicated to research and development with a specific focus on water quality in addition to the product development. This allows us to merge theory and experiments with practical business application.

Venture Studio

What it provides



Our team has the perfect blend of passion, determination, operational, scientific and technical expertise.



We provide initial capital to seed new startups and coordinate external non-dilutive and equity capital.


Strategic Direction & focus

This is most effective when operating within a targeted industry sector in an area of expertise, such as water quality.

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