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One Step Ahead

Our Mission

We are a cleantech venture studio committed to environmental innovation. We develop and scale products that:​ ​restore clean water​, create value for shareholders,​ improve the lives of stakeholders in impacted communities

Our Approach

About our company

Triad Growth Partners is a for-profit Cleantech Venture Studio. We create a portfolio of new startups built around our ethos of positive sustainable impact for people, planet and profit.

The Problem

Environmental Challenges

Water is an essential ingredient for food, manufacturing, and energy. Untreated or poorly treated water impacts not only the health of humans, animals, and the environment, it also affects the economy. The World Bank reports that water pollution can reduce economic growth by one third. 


Process Water

Typically used in industrial processes and production facilities, this is how  inorganic contaminants are often first introduced to the water cycle.


Waste Water

The majority of contamination is concentrated and reintroduced back into the environment through this route.


Source Water

Exposure to environmental contaminants is  often through the consumption of contaminated groundwater and surface water

"Clean water is a key factor for economic growth. Deteriorating water quality is stalling economic growth, worsening health conditions, reducing food production and exacerbating poverty in many countries."

– David Malpass, President of World Bank Group

Our Solutions

Explore What We Are Doing Better

We create a pipeline of innovative solutions to repeatedly market, test, launch, and exit spin off companies. Delve into how our innovations can support your remediation and prevention efforts. 

In 2020, during the height of a global pandemic, $17 Billion was invested in Clean and Climate tech. Explore what it means to create impact with us.

Our hope is to inspire environmental stewardship, restore clean water and create value. Learn from our team and other industry leaders.

Our portfolio companies

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